Unlock the value hidden in your In-Bound Transportation
The Tim Hortons Case Study

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Logistics leaders including the World’s largest consumer goods retailer, Canada’s leading automotive store, and one of the biggest home product suppliers have pioneered the implementation of In-Bound freight programs that shift control of managing shipments from vendors to their receivers. Why?  Simply put, these shipments are often optimized based on the needs of the vendor, as opposed to the receiver; who ultimately pays for the freight.  This can result in increased cost, lower capacity utilization, warehouse congestion and a slackened supply chain.
Those companies that receive large volumes of freight have the potential to unlock significant value by creating a “Managed In-Bound Program”.  When implemented correctly, these initiatives can result in significant transportation cost reductions and process improvements within a very short timeframe.
This is your opportunity learn how to unlock the savings in your In-Bound freight by hearing how one of Canada’s leading companies successfully implemented their program, and perhaps more importantly, how they avoided the potential pitfalls.
Join our interactive webinar and learn;

  • What is an In-Bound program and what are the potential benefits?
  • Is implementing an In-Bound program the right thing for my company?
  • What are steps to a well managed implementation?
  • What is required to manage an In-Bound program on an ongoing basis?

Benefit from the experience of Tim Hortons who recently implemented an In-Bound program with the assistance of Nulogx, enabling them to:

  • Take control of their inbound freight and design it to meet their needs
  • Increase visibility to what is being shipped to them and how
  • Separately manage the cost of goods  and the cost of transportation
  • Maximize efficiency and save money

Participating in this webinar will be:
Host and Moderator
Lou Smyrlis, Editorial Director, Canadian Transportation & Logistics, Transportation Media
Richard Zwolak, National Manager, Logistics Services, Tim Hortons
Doug Payne, President, Nulogx
Don’t miss this chance to learn how you too can make a substantial impact on your organization’s performance.