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Transportation Management’s Seven Deadly Sins – and the road to redemption

Most Canadian transportation managers readily confess they could improve their behavior. They are especially aware of the 7 areas where they are lacking—but, ‘cost’ and ‘complexity’ are often cited as reasons to post-pone improvement. These are often seen as insurmountable obstacles to reducing expenses and improving operations.

Transportation Management’s Seven Deadly Sins

The Top 10 Transportation Management Best Practices

It’s only natural that as your business grows it becomes more complex and challenging to manage. Your transportation processes are no different. Freight costs can represent a significant component of your supply chain – often around 5-7% of sales for manufacturing, retail and wholesale/distribution companies. And the fact is that for many firms this responsibility is not managed as well as it could be which means fertile ground for significant improvements.

Here’s what the best in the business are doing to succeed.
Typically, they have significant freight spends —with annual budgets greater than $10 million — but that doesn’t mean if your operation and budget are smaller there’s not a lot to learn—and many good reasons to follow their lead.

The Top 10 Transportation Management Best Practices

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