Transportation Assessment

According to the Canadian General Freight Index, transportation costs have risen significantly since bottoming out in April of 2010.

For many businesses transportation costs are more than 5% of sales, so this increase could have a considerable impact on your bottom line.

Nulogx is the largest processor of freight invoices in Canada and uses this massive database to create the Canadian General Freight Index, an important barometer of freight costs used by thousands of professionals across the transportation industry. This is a limited time opportunity to compare your freight costs with others and gain valuable insights into where you are paying more, or less, than market rates.

With a one-month sample of your shipments, Nulogx can prepare a customized report showing variance to the market for total costs, base rates and fuel surcharges. Also available are carrier, lane and shipping location comparisons. Click on the link to the right to see a sample of this valuable report.

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Transportation Assessment

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