A Lunch & Learn Webinar
Date: Thursday, October 14, 2010 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EDT – Register Here
Many logistics leaders have implemented programs that shift the management of their Inbound freight from the Vendor to the Receiver. As a result they have lowered their costs, increased transportation capacity utilization, improved warehouse efficiency, and tightened up their overall supply chain.
However, such programs may not be as simple as they appear. With assistance from Nulogx, Tim Hortons has successfully implemented  an Inbound Logistics program. During the execution, numerous challenges rose that any company could face when implementing a similar program.
Join Nulogx and Tim Hortons as they discuss “The Five Pitfalls Of A Managed Inbound Program – And How To Avoid Them”. This will be an excellent opportunity to learn from their experience and gain further insights into the costs and benefits of such a program.
By participating in the webinar you will learn:
• What is an In-Bound program and what are the potential benefits?
• What are the 5 primary pitfalls associated with such a program?
• What can be done to avoid each of these pitfalls?
• What needs to be done to ensure a successful implementation?
Benefit from the experience of Tim Hortons who recently implemented an In-Bound program with the assistance of Nulogx, enabling them to:
• Take control of their inbound freight and design it to meet their needs
• Increase visibility to what is being shipped to them and how
• Separately manage the cost of goods  and the cost of transportation
• Maximize efficiency and save money
Participating in this webinar will be:
Host and Moderator
Lou Smylris, Editorial Director, Transportation Media

Richard Zwolak, National Logistics Manager, Tim Hortons
Doug Payne, President, Nulogx
Don’t miss this chance to learn how you too can make a substantial impact on your organization’s performance.