Results published today by the Canadian General Freight Index (CGFI) indicate that the cost of ground transportation for Canadian Shippers  increased 1.6% in November when compared with October results. This represents the 9th consecutive monthly increase since March of 2011. During this time the CGFI has risen 7.1% in aggregate.
The Base Rate Index, which excludes the impact of Accessorial Charges assessed by carriers increased by a modest .4% in November versus October. Since March of 2011 Base Rates have risen 4.3% in aggregate.
An increase in Fuel Surcharges assessed by carriers is the primary reason why Total Costs are increasing a a faster rate than Base Rates.   In November the Fuel Surcharges assessed by carriers equated to 20.86% of Base Rates, up from 18.79% in March.
“We are starting to see increases in some sectors that have been hit the hardest during the economic downturn” said Doug Payne, President & COO, Nulogx. “This may be a sign that we are seeing both an increase in demand as well as continued operational and pricing discipline from carriers” continued Payne.
The CGFI is sponsored by Nulogx, a leading Transportation Management Solutions provider, and is used by shippers and carriers to benchmark performance, develop business plans, and secure competitive agreements. It was developed with the assistance of Dr. Alan Saipe. For more information visit the CGFI website: