Transportation Technology In recent years, the transportation and logistics industry has made significant head way in pulling itself out of the dark ages through the use of technology. This evolution has taken the industry from fax machines and hours spent on the phone, to EDI and online load tracing. Shippers and service providers alike are joining the 21st century and utilizing technology to boost efficiency, create visibility, increase complexity, and reduce costs within their networks. However, it is surprising how many companies still have not fully embraced an IT-rich environment to support an ever changing logistics landscape. Now before we continue let’s take a moment to properly define an “IT-rich environment”.  Ladies and Gentlemen allow me to challenge you, just because you now have your routing guide in Excel, and a small amount of your carrier invoices being received via EDI, (congratulations but…) that does not qualify you as IT-rich! We are talking about a logistics network being managed by a full suite of technology solutions whether it be routing guides, load optimization, audit processes, or even carrier procurement and performance. It is high time to get a firm grasp on understanding the solutions available, and how they can benefit your organization.
The task of implementing and managing this scale of technology can be daunting to say the least (Let’s face it, many of us still have trouble working our BlackBerry’s ). This is why service providers such as Nulogx Inc. have undertaken the task on your behalf. The need to purchase an expensive software, devote countless hours of manpower to implementation, and hire tech-savvy power users to operate it is obsolete. Powerful software applications such as Transportation Management Systems (TMS) are now being hosted on a Software as a Service (SAAS) basis. Back end solutions, such as the Nulogx Audit & Analytics Service, are now offered as user-friendly portals with access to interactive dashboards and customized reporting tools. This level of IT sophistication is now affordable and readily available. Are you ready to embrace it?
At Nulogx, we understand the need for organizations to partner with a dedicated service provider in order to gain access to, and create an IT-rich environment. We have devoted our team of industry experts, coupled with world-class technology to provide just that. We are passionate about enabling companies to increase visibility, support increasing complexity, promote efficiency, and ultimately reduce costs through the use of technology-based solutions.

Is your organization ready to become a leader by taking advantage of this?