Nulogx was recently featured in Motortruck Magazine’s March/April 2012 Edition. Here is an excerpt from the article written by Carl Friesen, titled: “Play Like the Big Boys – Building influence through content marketing“:

Let’s say you’re with a company that lacks broad market awareness despite having a great set of offerings, a track record of success and satisfied customers. Your existing customers are ready to act as references, but it’s an uphill battle to convince prospects not familiar with you to give you a fair shot. And as for leads, let’s just say that waiting for your contacts to change jobs is your fastest way to get in front of new companies. Sound familiar?

This is not far from the normal state of affairs for new service providers within established industries. Being innovative is not enough to garner the credibility to compete with more established players, and certainly will not overcome the skepticism most will have toward an unfamiliar name. So how can you rise above the noise of your cold-calling compatriots and claim the higher ground?

This is the challenge the management team at Nulogx, a Mississauga, Ont.-based provider of transportation management solutions, had to grapple with several years ago. As a new name in the market, Nulogx was determined to leverage its technology and information-based processes to deliver value to a broader market. Ultimately, Nulogx needed to highlight the value of good information in transportation decisions and at the same time communicate to the market its capabilities in this regard.

Part of the answer, as described by Scott Irvine, vicepresident of business development at the company, came from a commitment to contribute to the transportation community as whole, including shippers, carriers, and even potential competitors. That’s when Nulogx launched the Canadian General Freight Index (CGFI), the first resource of its kind in Canada. In addition to the CGFI, Nulogx also launched a “thought leadership” program around this effort to help establish the company as a trusted source of information and best practices.

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