About Nulogx


Nulogx provides technology and services to improve transportation processes and reduce costs for medium to large sized shippers. As a non-asset based Transportation Management Solutions company, Nulogx leverages best-in-class proprietary software applications, in depth expertise in freight operations and a large carrier network to provide shippers with services ranging from Freight Audit, to completely outsourced Transportation Management Solutions.


Audit & Analytics

As the largest Freight Audit operation in Canada, Nulogx can help you improve the management of your freight spend and increase your bottom line with accurate and seamless Auditing & Analytics services. With industry leading rate engine capabilities, efficient electronic data information (EDI) methods, and over 75 transportation experts on staff, Nulogx has the systems, processes and people to provide the highest level of service and performance possible.

TMS-O Hosted Solutions

 The Nulogx Transportation Management System Online, or TMS-O, is a hosted solution that supports all of the activities necessary to manage and execute the full lifecycle of the transportation process.
With everyone challenged to do more with less these days, there is continuing focus on Supply Chain Efficiency.  How can we deliver our product and meet our customer’s needs while reducing the amount we spend on transportation?  With the bulk of Supply Costs consisting of transportation activities, those that succeed at this will see significant increases in profitability.
Often the solution requires some pretty complex thinking – which is where TMS-O comes in.  It is the “Brain” of your transportation process.  It will figure out how to ship more efficiently, how to eliminate a lot of manual work, and then provide you with information on your transportation activities that you have never had before.

Managed Transportation Services

Managed Transportation Services (MTS) is an outsourced Transportation Management Solution that leverages Nulogx’s sophisticated TMS applications, experienced logistics professionals with exceptional insight into the Canadian transportation market and an extensive carrier network.
Nulogx MTS delivers a more strategic approach to your transportation requirements.    Our combination or technology, people and carrier networks enables Nulogx to deliver exceptional value by reducing your supply chain costs, increasing organizational flexibility and providing a level of visibility into your operations never before possible.